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Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Sunshine Coast


Keylite Skylights has collaborated with Natural Lighting Products to bring their range of energy efficient skylight products to the Australian market. Natural Lighting Products is the master distributor for the entire Keylite product range in Australia.


As a leader in the skylight industry in Europe, Keylite understands that choosing the right skylight will have a major impact on comfort and efficiency in your home.

Keylite’s range of high performance skylights and accessories are specifically designed to suit Australia’s harsh climate.  This new skylight range is designed and certified for extreme Australian conditions and incorporates the latest in Keylite’s unique performance boosting technologies.

Keylite’s high performance skylights are designed to let you capture the benefits of one of our greatest natural resources – sunlight.

Built and tested to withstand the extremes of the Australian climate, Keylite skylights provide energy efficient natural lighting and ventilation across all seasons.


Everyone enjoys a clear view of the sky from inside their home, but not every skylight offers the same level of protection against the discomfort of excessive heat gain.  Keylite however has practical daylight solutions with up to 80% heat blocking properties for  comfortable living in every room.  The skylight’s double glazing also provides excellent protection from the damaging UV radiation  which causes furnishings to fade, plus it acts as an acoustic barrier insulating your home against  intrusive external noise.

By utilizing the latest in materials and manufacturing technology we lock in lasting performance and give a 10-year warranty on our skylights and roof windows. Our Keylite range includes fixed and opening skylights, both manual and electric, with all skylights featuring a unique easy-fit design that provide comfort and practicality throughout the home.


A unique expanding thermal collar is built into the frame of every Keylite skylight. The collar expands to fill the gap between the frame and the roof timbers, providing an effective insulation barrier against heat loss or gain depending on the season.

The collar is easily activated by the technician following installation by simply pulling the release tapes which causes the foam collar to expand within the gap for a superior installation.